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President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s second summit ended without any agreement Thursday. --- ##Submissions that may interest you SUBMISSION | DOMAIN ---|---- [Trump Summit Ends Abruptly With no Deal]( | [2nd summit between president Trump, Kim Jong Un ends without deal.]( | [No Deal as Donald Trump-Kim Jong-un Summit Meeting Ends Early]( | [Trump-Kim summit ends with no agreement]( | [WATCH LIVE: Trump meets with North Korea's Kim Jong Un in Vietnam]( | [Trump Kim Summit cut short without reaching agreement]( | [Trump-Kim summit unexpectedly cut short]( | [Trump-Kim summit 2019: Summit ends in disarray with White House saying no agreement reached]( | [Trump and Kim abruptly cut short summit after failing to reach nuclear deal]( | [Trump-Kim summit ends early with no deal]( | [Hanoi summit comes to an abrupt end as Trump and Kim fail to reach deal]( | [White House: 'No agreement was reached' between Trump and Kim at Vietnam summit, meetings to continue in the future]( | [No deal reached between Trump, Kim at 2nd summit]( | [No agreement: Trump-Kim summit cut short in Hanoi]( | [Trump-Kim talks end 'without agreement']( | [White House: ‘No agreement was reached’ between Trump and Kim at Vietnam summit, meetings to continue in the future]( | [Trump, North Korea's Kim cut short summit plans in Vietnam]( | [Trump-Kim summit takes dramatic turn: lunch cancelled, signing in doubt]( | [Trump-Kim summit agenda suddenly cut short as U.S. leader touts patience on nuclear deal]( | [Trump-Kim Summit Updates: Meetings End With No Agreement]( | [Trump-Kim summit 2019 ends in disarray as talks cut short]( | [Trump-Kim Summit: Joint Agreement Ceremony in Doubt]( | [Trump-Kim summit ending early]( | [Trump Kim summit cut short, says White House, with signing ceremony now unlikely – live - US news]( | [White House says Trump-Kim summit will be cut short]( | [Trump-Kim summit unexpectedly cut short]( | [Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un to call off nuclear weapons talks early, cancel signing ceremony]( | [Trump tries to convince Kim that the summit is North Korea's chance for an economic boom]( | [On ‘Hannity,’ Trump’s summits are a smashing success]( | [Trump says Kim Jung Un “promised him he won’t do anymore nuclear tests” after no deal was reached.]( | [Trump-Kim nuclear summit cut short]( | [Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un fail to strike deal, call off nuclear weapons talks early]( | [White House bars four reporters from Trump-Kim dinner]( | [Computers stolen from the North Korean Embassy where a top Trump-Kim summit negotiator worked]( | [Trump: I don't believe Kim knew of Warmbier's mistreatment]( | [President Trump: I will take Kim Jong Un 'at his word' on the death of Otto Warmbier]( | [Trump: I don't think NK's Kim had role in Otto Warmbier's death]( | [US-North Korea summit with Trump and Kim cut short in Vietnam: Live updates]( | [Trump says North Korea summit collapsed because Kim demanded total sanctions relief in exchange for closing only some of his nuclear sites]( | [Trump: I 'trust' Kim's promise he won't resume nuclear, missile tests]( | [Trump says Kim not responsible for Otto Warmbier's death: 'I will take him at his word']( | [Trump: I don’t think NK’s Kim had role in US student’s death]( | [Signing ceremony scrapped after Trump and Kim fail to reach agreement]( | [Trump-Kim summit: Takeaways from collapsed talks with North Korea]( | [Trump Accepts Kim's Claim He Was Unaware of Warmbier Torture]( | [Trump on Otto Warmbier's death: Kim Jong Un wasn't to blame]( | [White House bars 4 reporters from Trump-Kim dinner after two of them ask Trump questions]( | [Trump trusts Kim's 'word' that he was unaware of Otto Warmbier mistreatment]( | [Trump Excuses Kim Jong Un For Student's Death]( | [‘Sometimes you have to walk’: Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un ends without a deal]( | [Trump on Otto Warmbier's death: Kim Jong Un wasn't to blame]( | [Trump, Kim summit collapses amid failure to reach deal]( | [Trump’s Talks With Kim Jong-un Collapse After North Korea Demands End to Sanctions]( | [Donald Trump Rips Democrats for ‘Fake’ Michael Cohen Hearing During North Korea Summit]( | [CNN's Jim Acosta complains Trump snubbed him at news conference after US-North Korea summit ended]( | [Trump defends Kim Jong-un over death of US student Otto Warmbier in North Korea: 'He didn't know about it']( | [‘He tells me he didn't know’: Trump defends Kim Jong Un over death of Otto Warmbier]( | [Trump Accepts Kim's Claim He Was Unaware of Warmbier Torture]( | [Summit Collapse: How Trump's Hanoi Talks With Kim Unraveled]( | [Nobody cared about Trump's North Korea summit while Michael Cohen was testifying]( | [No deal: Trump, Kim summit collapses over sanctions impasse.]( | [Trump Takes Kim ‘At His Word’ On Otto’s Death: ‘Don’t Believe He Would Have Allowed That’]( | [Trump defends Kim Jong Un over the torture of student Otto Warmbier: “He didn’t know about it”]( | [Trump-Kim Jong Un summit 2019: Trump heading home with "bare minimum" achieved in North Korea nuclear talks - Live updates and analysis]( | ['I don't believe he knew about it.' Trump defends Kim Jong Un on Otto Warmbier's death]( | [Trump defends Kim over US student's death]( | [Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi collapses after negotiations fail]( | [Trump: I took Kim at his word over Otto Warmbier's torture]( | [Analysis: Trump lost big at Kim summit, but it could've been worse]( | [The art of the no deal: how Trump and Kim misread each other]( | ["Sometimes you have to walk": Trump leaves summit empty-handed at tough point in presidency]( | [Dem Sen. Jeff Merkley Suggests That President Trump Is Worse Than Kim Jong Un]( | [No Deal. President Trump Leaves Empty-Handed After the Second Summit With Kim Jong Un]( | [Santorum: Trump's decision to side with Kim on Otto Warmbier was 'reprehensible']( | [North Korea Is Not Vietnam - What Trump got wrong about North Korea]( | [Trump Cancels Lunch Date with Kim as Nuclear Talks Fall Apart]( | [Trump accuses Michael Cohen of lying 'about 95%' to congress after talks break down with Kim Jong-un]( | [Trump walks away from North Korea Summit saying, “Sometimes you just have to walk away”]( | [The lunch that never was: Trump's North Korea summit falters]( | [Trump believes Kim's claim he wasn't aware of Warmbier's condition]( | [After the Hanoi Fail, Here’s a Textbook for Trump: Summiting for Dummies - Trump hates to prepare and likes to negotiate from the gut. The Hanoi humiliation with Kim Jong Un was the direct result.]( | [Seth Meyers Nails Irony Of Trump Going To Vietnam And ‘Getting Killed Back Home’]( | [Democratic senator: Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un was 'amateur hour with nuclear weapons']( | [In Vietnam, Trump finds a ‘socialist’ country he likes — “Vietnam is thriving like few places on earth,” Trump tweeted Wednesday — Despite the presence of the s-word in its formal name, Vietnam is typically classified as a communist state.]( | [Kim Jong Un-believable: Trump actually trusts that North Korea leader is not responsible for death of Otto Warmbier]( | [Pelosi: Kim Jong Un won the summit with Trump]( | [Susan Rice praises Trump's decision to cut Kim summit short]( | [Trump defends Kim Jong Un over death of U.S. college student Otto Warmbier: 'He tells me he didn’t know']( | [Trump’s summit with kim jong Un ends without a deal!]( | [Trump, Kim end summit with standoff over easing US sanctions]( | [North Korean foreign minister says the North asked for partial sanction relief at summit with US President Donald Trump]( | [North Korea denies Trump's account of summit collapse]( | [Trump-Kim Summit’s Collapse Exposes the Risks of One-to-One Diplomacy]( | [North Korea disputes Trump account of summit collapse]( | [Trump Defends Kim Jong Un in Otto Warmbier’s Death, Claiming Dictator 'Felt Very Badly'. Otto Warmbier, a 22-year-old college student who was released from imprisonment in North Korea in a coma, died in June 2017]( | [Trump accepts Kim 'word' he had no role in Warmbier death]( | [North Korean officials dispute Trump's characterization of Trump-Kim summit]( | ['I Take Him at His Word.' Trump Defends Kim Over Otto Warmbier's Mistreatment and Death]( | [Donald Trump said he believes Kim Jong Un played no role in death of Otto Warmbier]( | ['I guess it took two meetings for him to realize': Pelosi needles Trump for faith in Kim Jong Un]( | [North Korea disputes Trump’s account of summit talks, says it made ‘a realistic proposal’]( | [“Amateur-Hour Diplomacy”: Insiders Fuming After Trump-Kim Summit Falls Apart]( | [Trump absolves Kim Jong Un of responsibility for Otto Warmbier’s death]( | [North Koreans fire back on why Kim-Trump summit failed]( | [President Donald Trump is stressing the United States' military power as he stops at a military base in Alaska on his way back to Washington after an unsuccessful summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un.]( | [Trump: I take Kim Jong-un at his word on Otto Warmbier's treatment]( | [Trump Smiling With Kim Jong Un on the World Stage Shows His Disdain for Human Rights]( | [North Korea contradicts Trump on the reason a summit deal fell apart]( | [GOP Senator Pushes Back On Trump's Defense Of Kim Jong Un In Death Of Otto Warmbier]( | [Breakdown In Hanoi Summit Shows The Real Danger On The Korean Peninsula: Donald Trump's America]( | [Trump got played by Kim Jong Un — again]( | [Fox News Analyst Raves About Trump and Kim Jong Un’s 'Father-Son Relationship']( | [Trump believes Kim Jong Un didn't know about Otto Warmbier. Experts say that's impossible.]( | [Donald Trump Went to Vietnam, and Michael Cohen Made It Hell]( | [Trump's North Korea summit was doomed from the start]( | [North Korea asked for only a partial lifting of sanctions at summit with Trump, its foreign minister said]( | [The United States President Took Kim Jong-un 'At His Word,' Because That's How We Roll Now: The North Korean dictator is the latest strongman Trump trusts—often over his own intelligence services.]( | [Schumer: Trump 'did the right thing' leaving Kim talks]( | [Sean Hannity: Dems laid bare their true agenda during the Trump-Kim summit -- and used Michael Cohen]( | [Donald Trump-Kim Jong-un summit ends early with no deal]( | [Russian TV mocks Trump-Kim summit collapse]( | [Trump, in Hannity interview, speaks on Kim Jong Un summit, Michael Cohen hearing]( | [Trump, in Hannity interview, speaks on Kim Jong Un summit, Michael Cohen hearing]( | [Tulsi Gabbard warns talk of regime change in Venezuela undermines the Trump-Kim summit]( | [Donald Trump absolving Kim Jong-un continues a trend of him siding with dictators]( | [Biden praises Trump for 'walking away' from the North Korea summit with no nuclear deal]( | [Abrupt end to Trump-Kim summit prompts sighs of relief, questions about what's next]( | [Officials say Trump overstated Kim’s demand on sanctions]( | [Trump calls Kim Jong Un 'mercurial' but 'quite a character' in post-summit Hannity interview]( | [Trump overstated Kim's demand on sanctions, State Department says.]( | [Kim Jong Un willing to sit down with Trump again, North Korea state media says]( | [‘Maybe Kim is just not that into you’: Late-night hosts question if Trump’s bromance is on the rocks]( | [Art of the retreat: Summit failure further scuffs Trump's dealmaker claims]( |