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Boom Boom Bheem is in excellent form as the Pandavas look to clinch a historic win. The Kauravas have one last trick up their sleeve. If it doesn't work, only a miracle can save them. Here's cricket, before it became a gentleman’s game! KPL is a new spin on a mythic battle. It depicts a war from Indian mythology as a game of cricket. KPL is an independent animated short film produced by Chikuliba media, a brand that makes original Indian entertainment. This film was made to test the limits of low-budget action movie making in 2d animation. Story, Design and Animation by Ujwal Nair Produced by Ujwal Nair & Indou Theagrajan Sound Design and Mix by Adharsh Kalyanakumar & Bhuvanesh Manivannan Sound Effects Editing by A. Sathish Kumar Foley by Maayavan & Nishok Dubbing Studio: Sound Parti Studios Dubbing Engineer: Sudharsan Lingam Live Music Recording by Arun Rama Varma Thampuran Special thanks to Tarana Reddy and Roshan Mathew for connecting us to some of the excellent Sound talent behind this film! Follow us on Instagram: